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Working ethically to support our clients towards a successful financial future, whilst being committed to housing the most vulnerable in society.


Our Story

We created an ethical business, to help achieve vendors’ property requirements. We are passionate about taking tired and run down properties and breathing new life in to them to provide high quality housing in the community.

We are unwavering about supporting others on their property journey, by using our expertise to negotiate, refurbish and tenant properties and provide our clients with fully managed, risk free and profitable investments.

We are also committed to helping reduce the burden of homelessness by working with charities to provide affordable and fully refurbished properties to house their vulnerable clients.

How We Work

We are experts in sourcing and renovating properties, providing an ethical and holistic service to our vendors to ensure they sell their properties with certainty and in a stress free manner.

We refurbish all our properties to a high standard and offer a turnkey service to our investors, with a guaranteed 10% return on their investment. Once the investor accepts the property, they will only need to invest five hours of their time in the process before the property is theirs! They will receive a guaranteed rental income from the date of completion, even if the property is not tenanted yet. We also manage the properties on an ongoing basis for our clients.

When we work with charities, we understand what challenges they face when it comes to housing their homeless and other vulnerable clients. We source and renovate properties and offer them to charities to support their clients towards independent living. These properties provide our investors with a great social and financial return.

Who We Work With

Professionals and
Business Owners

We work with professionals, portfolio landlords, business owners, people approaching retirement or people wishing to choose a profitable investment. We want to support those people to create secure and positive future for themselves and their families.


We are also looking to work with and support vendors selling single or multiple properties, by providing a stress free solution and a guaranteed offer to purchase their properties, enabling them to move on with their lives.


We look to work with charities that support clients that are homeless, suffering from domestic abuse, recovering from alcohol and substance misuse problems to support them into independent living by offering them a fully refurbished and fully funded property.

Core Offer


We work with our investors to achieve a fully refurbished and tenanted property

Rental Return

We guarantee a rental income for our clients as soon as the property completes and manage the property for our clients on an ongoing basis

Guaranteed Return on Investment

We guarantee our investors a minimum of a 10% return on their cash invested


We refurbish the property for our clients at our own expense


We guarantee our investors that once we have found a property and our client has accepted it, it will take no more than five hours of their time

Invest with
Stepping Stones

Our mission is to reduce the burden of homelessness in the community. We achieve this through Stepping Stones, a not for profit organisation working nationally to help charities house their disadvantaged clients in safe and secure accommodation. The lack of accessible and affordable housing often prevents people from moving on in life, therefore we offer fully funded and renovated properties to the charities to house people who would otherwise be homeless.

Are you an individual or organisation looking for ethical ways to invest your finances? Would you like to help disadvantaged people rebuild their lives whilst making a return on your investment?

Please get in touch with us for more details on how to get involved in Stepping Stones and follow this link for more information.

Prime Sales & Lettings

We are extremely proud to be a part of Prime Sales & Lettings, a network of experienced and knowledgeable property investors working across the UK to improve people’s lives by utilising skills and expertise in property. Prime Sales and Lettings aim to support landlords to solve their property problems with the mission to approach every challenge and opportunity with an open mind and a desire for a win-win solution.

Prime Sales & Lettings strive for honesty, integrity and high standards in a marketplace that can sometimes fall far below acceptable standards. They approach property from the unusual perspective that anything is possible with sufficient motivation and perseverance. These values are at the core of our business and we delight in transforming people’s lives by solving their property problems.